I'm Hugo Keller and would like to welcome you to my Portfolio.


I am THRILLED to say that I just won a worldwide art contest with my painting "Ready for Anything". I submitted three of my paintings and also won an Award of Excellence with "Stream of Life" and was a Finalist with "Angel Apprearing 2"! 

See all three here

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Signed Original Art

Each are original and made as one of a kind. You will have the only copy available of that work with those specifications.

Old town winter

11x14 oil on canvas - $3,900

Old town winter 2

11x14 oil on canvas - $3,900

Old town winter 3

ORIGINAL SOLD / Prints Available

Old man smiling

ORIGINAL SOLD / Prints Available

Stained glass forest

11x14 acrylic on canvas - $2,700

Stained glass forest 2

11x14 acrylic on canvas - $2,700

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Thank you for taking the time to see my artwork. I currently create and work in Peoria, IL and can ship anywhere in the country. I am local to Peoria, IL and have been creating art and artwork like these for quite some time.

I get most of my inspiration from just being out and about and talking walks. It's crazy how the simplest idea can become beautiful artwork.

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